Monday, December 23, 2019

Overview (Salinas). Kean University Is A Public University

Overview (Salinas): Kean University is a public university located in Union, New Jersey and was founded in 1855. Kean University offers many different services to their students enrolled, including one of the most popular department on campus, The Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid is devoted to offering different services and information to students attending Kean. Located on first floor of the Administration Building, The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through Saturday and offers phone hours Monday through Friday. Students can schedule an appointment, where they will have a chance to sit and speak with a financial counselor. Students who attend Kean, can follow updates from The Office of Financial Aid†¦show more content†¦It is approximated that 66% of incoming students receive financial assistance. On average, around $4,768 is awarded as federal grants to students. Scholarships provided by Kean University average around $2,803 each. In addition, many factors contribute to receiving a form of aid such as income level. For example, the lower the income level the more aid the students receive while the higher the income level the less aid they receive. On average for all undergraduate students, 48% of students receive aid averaging around $6,565. Kean University also provides students with a Net Price Calculator that was designed to help students calculate their estimated financial aid and options. The Net Price Calculator provided by Kean University asks students about their high school grade point average, SAT and ACT scores, FAFSA data, and more financial information to estimate their overall scholarship and aid options. In addition, current students enrolled in Kean University receive many financial options to pay for their tuition. Such as payment plans, subsidized, and unsubsidized loans provided by the college. Current students are required to agree to the Financial Obligations Agreement (FOA) on KeanWISE once per term before registering for classes. Students must also remove any holds from their accounts including any past due amounts from their tuition to be eligible to register for classes. If

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