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Information System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Information System - Essay Example Technology is considered a major component of human activities; besides, there is a theory of technological determinism, which contends that technology is a determinant of the direction of cultural advancement, though it does not determine growth of social foundation. Moreover, there are assumptions that technological innovation is considered a driving force behind the social chances, hence establishing the social actors and relations (Hanks, 2009, 23). Nevertheless, this paper will present a discussion to support the motion that information systems have revolutionised the way people work. Technology is considered practical application of knowledge in an urbanized way in which improves the human life. Technology has a greater influence on the society in various dimensions. This has led to finding ways of doing things more efficiently and effectively. This is due to the application of some devices like computers. On the other hand, Revolution refers to the gradual increase complexity as time goes by things change within the perspective of technology improving (Eisenstein, 2002, 87). This is due to the increased innovation through the application of knowledge in order to come up with new things. ... Feature of technology relates to patterns of social consumption and establishment of consumer logic in developing countries leading to the change of cultures (Pacey, 1985, 12). However, technology has been associated with negative cultural aspects, whereby it also results to transmission of bad culture, which affects people negatively. Information systems through the internet by use of computers has influenced their behaviours in a way that alters the way individual identifies and recognizes the social sphere of action, tradition cultures, values systems and factors of social harmony (Hanks, 2009, 26). There are special cultural identities to members of a certain community that relates to the need for endogenous developing, whereby there s a compulsory process of social evolution and change that results to the establishment of values and models of external behaviours (Hanks, 2009, 26). These behaviours are inspired by the advent of foreign technologies and cultural systems. For insta nce, communication through the internet has established ability to transmit sounds and images across the world, thus leading to reproduction of altered face of contemporary culture, and this influence the way people work (Grint and Woolgar, 1997, 20). Science has a substantial role in the modern life with a profound impact on the civilization of human beings. Information systems have lead to the provision of remarkable insights in the modern world. It resulted from scientific revolution in the 20th century, which marked a quantum leap to the modern world (Lara, 2010, 3). This led to many technologies and the development of various devices and machines that have

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