Monday, November 4, 2019

The psychological impact of disney animated films on young children Research Paper

The psychological impact of disney animated films on young children - Research Paper Example This is the reason why most children, with special permission from their parents, to end up with Disney animated films. As observed, Disney films, especially the one that has been recently published by Disney like â€Å"Frozen†, has remarkably gained a wide audience in all walks of life in almost all parts of the world, but primarily children. However, beyond the know-how of many people, there are relevant studies that try to expose the idea that Disney films or cartoons like â€Å"Frozen†, â€Å"Pocahontas†, â€Å"Cinderella† are creating psychological impacts on young children. There are hidden messages in various Disney films that many people are unaware of, but they are truly affecting the actual learning process of a child, both positively and negatively. Good thing for the positive side, but the reason why Disney films create, at some point, a negative psychological impacts on young children is due to their ability to affect the actual learning process taking place in a physically, emotionally and psychologically developing child or generally children in all walks of life, who of course, are specifically exposed to Disney films. Study shows that the media can be a powerful teacher of children, and so they have potential impact on the attitudes and behaviours of young people as they grow mature in life (Strasburger, Jordan and Donnerstein 533). In this study, it is evident that children are found to be affected by the media when it comes to the development of their attitudes and behaviors. This can start as possibly young as they are because as found, educational materials broadcasted on the media can improve children’s social, emotional and cognitive well-being (Calvert and Kotler 275). Mostly, the exposure of the children in the media started at home, as it started when they were young, as part of their parents’ strong prerogative. By tuning in to their favorite

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